®EVOLUTION ? YES, please.

The innovative and patented COLINES® technology, developed in cooperation with Imballaggi Protettivi, allows us to produce our materials:

  • providing High-Quality standards, thanks to smart operators linked to smart machineries;
  • efficiently and fast, since we start from raw-materials’ pellets to get the final products in one step;
  • saving money, as we don’ t have to stock for "intermediate" states of the products (and this reflects on the final prices);
  • in a flexible way (almost "taylor-made"), in order to satisfy the growing needs of a very demanding market.

But what really pushes our products "one step ahead" is the possibility to LAMINATE IN LINE a wide range of materials. These can be protective (textiles or expanded polymers), aesthetic (plain, pre-printed, or embossed films) or structural (to improve technical performances). This mix of new-generation technologies and materials is now at your disposal! For a 100% taylor-made product, please click on "R&D" and communicate to our Research and Development structure; or just contact us directly.

Automotive Interiors
Automotive Packaging
Technical Packaging
Graphic & advertisement
Building and constructions
Furniture industry
Multi-purprose panels
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